6 Best Electric Guitars for Kids (That Make Beginners Play Like Pros)

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You might have a kid passionate about electric guitars, and you are wondering if this would be a good gift for them. Other than that, you might want to raise interest in your kid on instruments.

If you were wondering where and how you would purchase the guitars, We have listed the best electric guitars for kids that will serve your little one the proper purpose. If there is a rockstar growing up in them, then you have to consider purchasing this guitar for them.

Listed below are some of the best electric guitars for your kid. 

Quick Glance: Best Electric Guitars for Kids

Best overall Winzz 30-Inch Electric Guitar
Best multifunctionality Vangoa Acoustic-Electric Guitar 
Best for learners Loog Pro Electric Guitar
Best portability Stedman Kid Electric Guitar 
Best durable YMC 30-Inch Electric Guitar
Best security Vangoa 30-Inch Electric Guitar


Our Top Picks of 5 Best Electric Guitars for Kids

1. Best Overall: Winzz 30-Inch Electric Guitar 

This instrument is the epitome of a quality electric guitar. The shape is ST style, and the body material is basswood. The neck and fingerboard are maples. The quality of the material used is high. 

Children can be pretty sensitive to colors. Winzz provides guitars in numerous colors giving your child a variety to pick from. The energy that this guitar will give when playing is fantastic. Bright and quite attractive colors and given when the guitar is being played. This adds to the fun. 

The guitar comes with a gig bag, 2 picks amplifier, extra strings, a cable, and a wrench. It has one single-coil and one volume control. The high gloss varnish and fine polish will give your child the psyche to play with. 

2. Best Multifunctionality: Vangoa Acoustic-Electric Guitar 

If you need an acoustic and electric guitar at the same time, this piece is definitely what you need to purchase. When plugged, it is electric, and when unplugged, it is acoustic. 

The 36-inch body makes it convenient when traveling and comfortable when using it. It comes with a gig bag that is padded, an extra set of guitar strings, an adjustable shoulder strap, two bridge pins, three celluloid guitar picks, a manual, a self-adhesive pickguard, and a cleaning cloth. This is a fully-equipped package. 

It has a 2-band pickup that allows you to modify your sound using a mixer, an acoustic amplifier, or a PA system for live performances. 

3. Best for Learners: Loog Pro Electric Guitar

This is the perfect electric guitar for beginners. It has an inbuilt speaker, is slim, and has low string action that enhances playability. It comes with flashcards that have diagrams, free video lessons, and full access to the Loog Guitar app. One good thing about the app is that it is available on iOS and Android. 

Paulownia is used to make the body, top, and back. The neck and fretboard material is maple. The string is made from steel, and the bridge system is adjustable. The dimensions of the guitar are 33.9 by 10.8 by 2.5 inches. 

You will require one 9V battery for this guitar. It is right-hand oriented.

4. Best Portability; Stedman Kid Electric Guitar 

Children hardly stay in one place for a long time. For this reason, your child will need a guitar that is light enough for them to move around, playing it (read about how to choose a Guitar for a child). This guitar weighs only 6.89 pounds. The dimensions are 31 by four by 10 inches. 

The body is made from wood, the back, and top material is from basswood, and the neck and fretboard are from maple. The strings are of bronze. It is equally right-hand oriented. 

The package has a gig bag, an amplifier, picks, cable, and a wrench. Its amplifier is battery-powered at 5-watt and runs off a 9v battery. Another option you have is using an AC adapter to power it. It is sold separately. 

5. Best Durable: YMC 30-Inch Electric Guitar

Durability is what we majorly look out for when buying anything. This electric guitar’s top and back are made from basswood, while the body is made from wood. The neck and fretboard are made from maple. 

The strings are made from stainless steel, which promotes the guitar’s durability. The stainless steel does not rust easily, and for this reason, this instrument can serve you for a long time. It is meant for right-handed beginner children. The guitar measures 30 by 20 by 21 feet. It weighs only 7 pounds. Transporting it is a piece of cake.

The guitar has a battery-powered 5-watt amplifier. You should know that a 9V battery is not included. It comes with a nylon carrying case for travelers, which is good for transporting. 

The package has an amplifier, a wrench, gig bag, strap, and cable. The single knob is for volume control. 

6. Best Security: Vangoa 30-Inch Electric Guitar

Security is key for the safety of your guitar. Vangoa is what you need if you prioritize safety.  Poplar wood is used on the top, back, and body for a more balanced and decent sound. The size of the guitar is good enough to fit in the arms of your child. It will help them to learn and play guitar at a younger age. 

The two classic single-coil pickups have stability and bright sound suitable for rock, blues, funk, and other genres. The three gears increase playability, enrich timbre options, and switch sound pickup positions.

This guitar is effortless to play. It also has strong oxidation resistance and no frequent tuning. As a good gift for your child, it is packaged with full accessories: a guitar bag, strap, picks, cables, tuner, and the guitar. Beginners need all of this equipment to commence their music career. 

Final Word

Before settling on an electric guitar for your kid, it is essential to know if it is meant for lefties or righties. Electric guitars are equally great gifts for your child. So you should not hesitate to get them this as a gift. 

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