5 Best Classical Guitar for Kids (To Make Them Pro Players in No Time)

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The best classical guitars for kids do not have many extras compared to acoustic guitars. They are just simple and easy to learn, and once your kids understand the basics, they will be better guitar players in the future.

Here’s the thing: When buying a classical guitar for your child, consider one that has nylon strings as they are easier on fingers compared to steel strings.

Buying your kid a classical guitar as a birthday present can turn out to be a life-changing experience as it greatly helps them grow their talents to greater heights. This move will help them in the future, especially if they continue venturing into the music field.

Below are some of the best classical guitar picks. Keep reading to find one that perfectly fits your search criteria.

Quick Glance: Best Classical Guitars for Kids


Best for Beginners: Pyle36” Classical Acoustic Guitar
Best for Memorising Play Chords: Moukey30” Acoustic Guitar
Best for Gifting: CNBlue Acoustic Guitar
Best for Quality Sound: JM Finger Classical Guitar
Best for Band Rehearsals: Pyle Beginner30” Classical Acoustic Guitar


5 Best Classical Guitars for Kids

1. Best for Beginners: Pyle 36” Classical Acoustic Guitar

Pyle 36” is an all-in-one acoustic guitar set that comes with everything your kid needs to start playing. The guitar comes in handy with a pitch piper tuner, Pearloid picks, a gift card, spare strings, and a big bag case.

This classical guitar features a handcrafted wood linen body polished with a protective binding containing a rosette linden laminate finish. The maple-dyed wooden fretboard gives your guitar a fantastic finish.

Pyle 36” also comes with a junior scale of six strings perfect for onstage performance, home practice, and band rehearsals. Its traditional classic body style is perfect for beginner children learning to play guitar.

2. Best for Memorizing Play Chords: Moukey 30” Acoustic Guitar

Moukey 30” acoustic guitar has soft nylon strings. This nylon string ensures your kid does not get finger blisters while playing it.

This acoustic guitar comes with a chord poster that contains commonly used chords. This chord poster allows your kid to memorize chords quickly when he plays them frequently.

Its exquisite basswood body contains a smooth fingerboard and non-scratching frets that enable you to play it comfortably for a long time. Besides, the Moukey 30” guitar has two strap pegs to attach a strap easily.

This acoustic guitar comes with a complete beginner pack from a tuner to a padded gig bag. This guitar is well assembled and odorless. Unbox and play without having to assemble anything.

3. Best for Gifting: CNBlue Classical Acoustic Guitar

CNBlue acoustic guitar comprises premium laminated basswood on the top, back and sides. This solid back wood produces a rich, smooth, and vibrant sound ideal for onset performances.

This classical guitar is perfectly designed with a fearless body and smooth curves designed in a mini-guitar size. This size makes it just the perfect size for kids.

Before a new guitar adapts to producing quality sound, you should tune it more frequently. New wood and strings take time before adapting to the tension; therefore, you should tune until the velocity is well balanced to produce quality sound.

This miniature guitar can be a perfect musical instrument gift for kids who have a passion for music. You can use it as a holiday or birthday gift to make a kid happier around you.

4. Best for Quality Sound: JMFinger Classical Guitar

JMFinger is a classical guitar whose back, sides, and top are basswood, hardwood fingerboard, and bridge. These materials provide a bright tune and a comfortable playing feeling.

The guitar has a size of 30 inches lengthwise. This size is ideal for kids who need capos to play full size. The 30-inch size makes it easier to play and reduces pressure on fingers.

JMFinger is the ultimate guitar kit for a musician kid.  This right-handed guitar set comes complete with all equipment required to meet beginner training. 

Right from a shoulder strap, two picks, three in one metronome & tuner, and a gig bag, This guitar is ideal for play during housewarming celebrations, birthday parties, and graduation ceremonies.      

5. Best for Band Rehearsals: Pyle Beginner 30” Classical Acoustic Guitar

Beginner 30” classical acoustic guitar set comes as an all-in-one guitar set packed with everything you need to start playing. This guitar comes with a detachable nylon shoulder strap, a pitch piper tuner, three picks, and a detachable nylon shoulder.

The classical acoustic guitar features a full-scale six-string standard size perfect for performing onset band rehearsals. It is also a perfect choice for kids learning how to play guitar for the first time.

Beginner 30” is handcrafted wood containing linden and ebonized Maplewood bridge. The wood is then given a high gloss cherry polish on its body, giving it a simple final look.

This classical guitar has a total length of 30” and a scale of 19.3”. Its headstock material comprises nato wood, while fretboard material is dyed Maplewood. Finally, the body material is made of linden wood.

Wrap Up

From the examples above, you should know what a quality guitar possesses from the material used to make the body to the string. You can get what you want without any struggle based on your material preferences.

You can also buy your kid one of the classical guitars as a birthday or graduation gift to motivate them. This gift will help them nurture their talent and make them better guitar players in the future.

Depending entirely on the current market to get a quality guitar can turn out to be quite disastrous on your side. You may get a guitar made of poor quality material that may not last long as expected.

The guitars on this list are of top-notch quality. That is why I highly recommend you choose one that suits you from the above list to avoid market disappointments.

With that in mind, success when shopping for the best classical guitar for kids.

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Jim Henneberry

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