How To Choose A Guitar For A Child?

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When it comes to how to choose a guitar for a child, it is never an easy task. Parents all over the world seem to face the same problem. Buying a guitar for the first time is indeed a daunting task. You can even get the wrong guitar for your child if you lack insider information.

There are several things you have to consider when you want to choose a guitar for a child. You have to decide if your child will require an acoustic or electric guitar. Besides this, another thing to consider is the type of strings and guitar size.

It can be frustrating when you don’t have an idea about guitars and your kids love the musical instrument. Let’s try to help you choose the best guitar for your child.

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How to Choose a Guitar for a Child

When I wanted to purchase a guitar for my child, I first looked at the guitar size in proportion to my child’s height and age. You don’t want to ignore this as it will affect how they play. Like I said earlier, the process of choosing a guitar for a child can be complicated, but you can simplify the process if you know what to look for.

Choose the Right Guitar Type

Guitars are available in different types. It was one of the mistakes I made during the beginning stage. I didn’t understand that guitars come in different types. It’s a confusing part that you should avoid. While there are several types of guitars, I will focus on the three common ones you can find anywhere.

  • Classical guitars: This guitar is an acoustic wooden string instrument with strings comprised of nylon. I won’t talk much about this because it is a familiar guitar you will find everywhere.
  • Acoustic guitar: Unlike the classical guitar, this guitar sounds acoustical as it transmits the string vibration to the air. The guitar creates a sound as the strings generate sound waves, which resonate through the guitar’s body.
  • Electric guitars: Lastly, this type of guitar uses one or more pickups to generate strings of vibration into electric signals. Whenever someone fingerpicks or strums the strings, it creates vibration. I found the electric guitar to have several benefits over acoustic and classical guitars. This type of guitar is the preferred option if your child is a beginner.

Size of the Guitar

Another critical factor I would recommend you check if you want to buy a guitar for your child is the size. Ensure you pick a size that fits your child’s height. My child was over four years old, and I opted for a smaller guitar since it was easier to play and maneuver.

For instance, I bought a bigger guitar when my child was learning. However, the guitar was too big for the child to play chords. I ultimately decided to opt for a smaller size, and this was helpful during the learning process.

Research about the Brand

Importantly, if you want to know how to choose a guitar for a child, you need to do adequate research. Today, you will find several promotions about guitars; however, I advise you do your research before investing in a brand.

I had to consider several brands by looking at their size, color, material, etc. Note that you will always find something unique in each brand, and here is where you have to determine what you are looking for in a guitar.

Let Your Child Chip In

I had to learn this lesson the hard way. When my kid’s fantasy for guitar started, I didn’t know he had already wanted a particular guitar. I researched how to choose a guitar for a child without allowing him to choose his favorite guitar.

Therefore, before you hit the store to make the purchase, give your child the freedom to select the guitar. However, you have to take precautions because my child nearly chose a bigger guitar than his hand could accommodate.

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Jim Henneberry

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