What Genre Is the Acoustic Guitar? (Top 9 Options)

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The acoustic guitar is a versatile instrument utilized in various genres of music, including bluegrass, country, pop, folk, jazz, blues, and many more. Numerous variants are conceivable, ranging in size from the relatively conventional OO and Parlour to the massive Dreadnought (the most accessible kind) and Jumbo.

This article has explained more about those genres to help you add an acoustic guitar to your repertoire.

Keep reading to find out more.

Genres of Acoustic Guitar

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1. Country music

In terms of genres and styles, country music is among the most popular when using an acoustic 

guitar. Country music, which dates back to the early 1900s, has undergone a renaissance and remains a popular genre for guitarists to play.

Country music’s acoustic guitar has changed through time, and some refer to it as “twang.” Although the musical style has evolved, country music remains an excellent option for an acoustic guitar.

2. Blues Music

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Blues is another kind of acoustic guitar music you’re likely to appreciate. Blues is one of the most prominent styles of creative songwriting throughout history, influencing rock, psychobilly, pop-rock, rockabilly, country, and a variety of other genres of music.

While blues is often performed on an electric guitar, some outstanding acoustic guitars are still used in this genre. If you like playing acoustic guitar and would like to broaden your musical horizons, you should consider studying blues.

3. Folk Music

Folk music is another genre of acoustic guitar. This genre is composed in an approachable and relatable way. Most of the guitar music heard on the radio now originates from folk songs.

You can play acoustic blues and country guitar songs, but you may wish to expand your repertoire with some folk. Folk acoustic music is an excellent alternative if you’re unsure about the kind of acoustic guitar music you want to play.

4. Fingerstyle Music

Fingerstyle is another acoustic guitar genre that combines guitar and keyboard, or piano playing. Whenever you play fingerstyle, the guitar takes on the role of a piano, and you pluck the strings with your fingers rather than a pick.

Although there are numerous variations of the fingerstyle, its roots are traced back to folk music and classical. If you like plucking the strings and playing with your fingers, fingerstyle acoustic guitar songs may be a good place to begin.

5. Bluegrass and Ragtime Music

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If you like both ancient and new music, traditional and contemporary, ragtime and bluegrass acoustic guitar music may be for you. Ragtime originated in the late 1800s in the United States, while bluegrass originated in the early 1900s in Kentucky. Each of these genres includes country music, blues, swing riffs, and jazz elements.

These genres remain popular, and they are accessible to all guitarists.

6. Jazz Music

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Jazz is another kind of acoustic guitar music to consider adding to your collection. Jazz dates back to the early 1900s and is popular to this date.

If you enjoy swing, blues, or ragtime music, you may enjoy jazz acoustic guitar music. Spend some time learning jazz and adding it to your repertoire, but if you’re a fingerstyle guitarist.

7. Worship Music

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If you’re seeking church-appropriate acoustic guitar music, you may want to consider praise music. This kind of music is composed exclusively for church use.

Worship music is often referred to as hymns or worship songs. It’s advantageous if you’re just getting started and are familiar with playing hymns and other styles of acoustic guitar music that fall under the area of Christian worship.

8. R&B Music

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R&B is another style of acoustic guitar music that is popular nowadays. This genre of music first appeared in the 1960s and is still popular today, with many people listening to it.

Even though R&B is mostly performed on an electric guitar, you may still play some of the songs on an acoustic guitar if you prefer it or want to add something different to your collection.

9. Rock Music

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Finally, rock music is another prominent genre of acoustic guitar music. Perhaps you’re questioning how rock and acoustic guitar music can coexist.

The acoustic guitar is used to create one of the earliest forms of rock music. If you like playing rock and other styles of music, you may want to expand your repertoire with an acoustic rock track.

But that’s not all: Rock music comprises punk, rockabilly, metal, and various other genres. The use of the electric guitar is characteristic of rock music’s creation of its musical tones. If you like rock but do not want to purchase an electric guitar, you can still include it in your acoustic guitar repertoire by practicing playing a song on the acoustic guitar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Acoustic Guitar Used in Jazz?

Although acoustic guitars have been employed in jazz since the 1940s and are still used, most jazz guitarists prefer electric guitars or amplified guitars.

What Genre Is an Acoustic Song?

Acoustic music comprises various styles, including rock, hip hop, pop, folk, bluegrass, country, flamenco, Irish, and even avant-garde. The played music is consistent with what was described earlier in concentration and composition.

What Kind of Instrument Is a Guitar?

The guitar is an instrument with six strings often used in music performances. Strings are strummed or plucked with the dominant hand while the fingers of the other hand are used to push the chosen strings against the frets. 

An alternative method of striking the strings is to use either a plectrum or picks. It is possible to transmit the guitar’s sound either acoustically, via the instrument’s resonating chamber, or through an electrical pickup and an amplifier.

How Do You Hold a Guitar?

For beginners, the appropriate position is to maintain your knees apart, and you can either bend down or forward. 

Note: Avoid bending backward. 

Hold the neck of the guitar at the headstock with your thumb and index finger while supporting it below the soundhole with your left hand.

Final Thought

Acoustic guitar music may take numerous forms. Even though some of the more advanced methods for playing the acoustic guitar may appear challenging, you can master them and expand your acoustic guitar music collection.

It’s a good idea to start with an acoustic guitar and learn a few easy songs so that you can begin playing acoustic guitar music. A few songs might be enjoyable to play on an acoustic guitar and would also be a great addition to your arsenal for years to come.

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