Keyboard Amp Vs Guitar Amp: What’s The Difference?

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When you’re looking for a new amplifier, it can be tough to decide whether to go for a keyboard amp or guitar amp. Both have their pros and cons, and it can be hard to know which is the right choice for you.

In this article, we’ll take a look at keyboard amp vs guitar amp and help you understand the key differences between them.

What Is a Keyboard Amp?

Keyboard players need a tool that can magnify the sound of their instrument, and such gear is called a keyboard amp. It is important that you hear a clear sound coming from your keyboard when you are playing with other members of the band; therefore, distortion is turned down as much as possible.

Keyboard amplifiers have a loudspeaker and an electrical amplifier built right into the cabinet they are housed in as their primary components. They often come equipped with a three- or four-channel mixer, which makes it possible to play many keyboards at the same time.

What Is a Guitar Amp?

A guitar amplifier is a piece of electrical equipment that can amplify the signal coming from any type of instrument, including an electric guitar, a bass guitar, or an acoustic guitar. You may get them in one of two forms: either as a stand-alone power amplifier or as an amplifier that also includes a speaker.

In order to use the single amplifier circuit version, you will need to make use of a separate speaker cabinet, but the combo amplifier is the ideal portable solution since it incorporates both the speaker cabinet and the amplifier itself.

Keyboard Amp vs Guitar Amp: How Do They Differ?

After explaining each one properly, it is time to go on to discuss the differences between the two. The keyboard amp and guitar amp are significantly different from one another in most ways, with the exception of their appearance. This is the major reason why many owners of pubs and clubs make the mistake of buying a guitar amp in the hope that it will fit all acts.


Since guitar amps only have one input, you cannot connect multiple guitars to a single amp. Amplifiers for keyboards typically have several inputs, allowing them to accommodate a variety of instruments all at once.

In most situations, the amp input channel of each keyboard has its own independent volume and equalization, allowing you to manipulate the sound of one instrument without affecting the sound of the other.

Frequency Range

In comparison to guitar amps, the frequency response of keyboard amps is far more expansive. Since the sound of a guitar contains more high frequencies than low ones, a normal guitar amp will have the capacity to respond to frequencies ranging from 300 Hz to 11 kHz.


Guitar amps can alter the sound, but keyboard amps are intended to keep the sound as true to the original as possible. The sound produced by a keyboard amp remains unaltered and undistorted across the whole range of volume.

Therefore, you shouldn’t expect any colors while using a keyboard amp. This bit of information is the deciding factor for many guitarists who are confused between purchasing a keyboard amp or a guitar amp.

Required Power

Since it takes more energy to transform low-voltage signals into those that can power speakers, an amp for a keyboard demands more power than an amp for a guitar.

You need energy in order to convert a low frequency into a high frequency. The lower the frequency, the greater the required amount of power. On the other hand, guitar amplifiers have lower wattage needs because the conversion of signals in the mid-range or high-range into audible sound takes less power.

Bottom Line

When it comes to keyboard amp vs guitar amp, there is no clear winner. The decision of which one to buy depends on your personal preferences and needs. If you need an amp that can reproduce the sound of multiple instruments accurately, then a keyboard amp is the better choice.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an amp that can alter the sound of your instrument and add its own color to the tone, then a guitar amp would be a better option.

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