How To Tune A Guitar With A Piano?

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The reality is that you won’t be the first to ask how to tune a guitar with a piano because I was in that situation just a few years ago. Although for a newbie then, it was something daunting. However, while there are several ways people use to tune a guitar, the best option I find when I want to tune a guitar to a standard pitch is using my piano at home.

A piano is excellent for tuning a guitar since it holds the pitch correctly. Besides this, I also use a well-tuned piano or electronic keyboard to tune my guitar. Because I am experienced with a piano, it comes easier. All I do when I want to tune my guitar using my piano is to play the note on my piano before adjusting the corresponding open string on my guitar until it matches the pitch.

I understand this method can be subjective compared to an electronic tuner that provides specific feedback. However, if you practice a little, it will be easier. That was how I started before perfecting how to tune a guitar with a piano.

I understand that you can be a new guitarist and want to learn how to tune your guitar. Therefore, this write-up will be in the form of a question and answer.

How to Tune a Guitar With a Piano

Tuning a guitar isn’t a straightforward process as you must understand how the piano works. I believe you should know where the LOW E key is located and how to tune it without using a tuner. Let’s explore some ways to get things sorted.

How to Get The Low E on Guitar With The Piano

I had issues getting the low E on guitar on my piano during my beginning days. After several trials, I was able to achieve it. Here is how I was able to get the E on guitar on my piano. Hit the “A” string on your piano while holding the sustain pedal. This will help you not to over-press the key harder. Now use your left-hand finger and play the middle “e.” Remember, you can also position your right-hand finger on the piano.

However, you have to string the E string if you want to tune the guitar without using a tuner. Play it while listening to the resonance. Match the D and G strings with the E string. This is the easiest way I use to tune my guitar without using a tuner.

What do I Tune a Guitar to EADGBe?

If you want to tune your guitar to EADGBe, you need to use a 440 frequency pitch. This will produce the following tones – e, a, d, g, b, and e as you play from the lowest string to the highest string.

In addition, I can also use a keyboard to tune my guitar. To do this, I usually adjust the parallel open string with my guitar as I try to match the note’s pitch with that of the electronic keyboard. Remarkably, you can use your guitar to tune with the piano.

Can You Tune a Guitar and Piano the Same Way?

I usually come across this question, especially among beginners. I think the advantage of tuning your guitar is the opportunity of changing it however you want. You can tune it based on the tone and semitone of the piano. Depending on the key, a player can alternate between piano and guitar.

Interestingly, I know that you can tune your guitar to match your piano because I have tried it countless times. It involves a simple technique that comprises locating certain keys on your piano. I usually work one string at a time from the low to the high e-strings. My goal is to start from the lowest e-string or higher e-string to match a piano.


Learning how to tune a guitar with a piano isn’t rocket science. That should not be complicated. I understand how it can feel for a newbie, but you can tune your guitar with a piano or electric keyboard if you understand the process mentioned here.

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