How To Tell The Difference Between Bass And Electric Guitar

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It can be challenging differentiating between bass and electric guitar for newbies. Besides this, if you are contemplating what to choose on the market, it even gets more daunting.

I can understand if it’s your first time trying to pick an instrument. How to tell the difference between bass and electric guitar is not as complicated as many think. Whatever the case might be, you might have dozens of questions on your mind. I am here to provide relevant answers to dissolve those thoughts.

I like sharing my knowledge as I faced several challenges when starting because I never had someone to explain certain things. You should be rest assured that you have everything you need in this post.

I have played the guitar for several years and even joined a band; it was a tough decision to choose between bass and electric guitar. Before you get started, it is critical to understand what you are getting into. With this, you won’t waste your hard-earned money and time.

My goal in this write-up is to examine the bass and electric guitar. I will provide facts for each guitar, giving you the final decision to decide what you need.

How to tell the difference between Bass and Electric Guitar

I am writing this article with the mindset that you are a beginner without any basic understanding of the difference between bass and electric guitar. They are more similar than you can imagine.

Tuning Difference

An electric guitar comprises a six-stringed instrument with E-A-D-G-B-E standard tuning, meaning the lowest string on the guitar is tuned to E. The following note is A, followed by D, and so on. I understand you want to know everything as a beginner, but it is not important to know the notes now. Instead, your goal should be to understand the difference and similarities between the bass and electric guitar.

On the other hand, the bass guitar has four strings with a larger instrument. Tuning the bass guitar is the same as with the lowest four strings. However, since it has only four strings, it is tuned from E, followed by A until G (E-A-D-G).


Now you know one way how to tell the difference between bass and electric guitar; I would love to look at some similarities both guitars possess. In many ways, they are the same, except for lower tuning and fewer strings. They have the same chords, music theory, and scales. Interestingly, they are directly related to each other.

I want you to realize this because most players think you must learn either one to get started. Knowing that they have direct correction makes it easier for you to choose what to use.

If there is nothing you can give in this article, I want you to know that whatever you learn on a bass guitar applies to an electric guitar. You can switch to whatever you want at any time.

Also, remember that you can use several ways to tune the different types of instruments. Don’t allow anything to worry you because, with the basics of one instrument, you can figure out the other one.

Bass guitar vs. electric guitar – Which is easier?

Since the bass guitar has four strings, I know you might think it is easier to master than an electric guitar. Well, I am here to tell you that it isn’t, as it depends on the musical genre you are playing. Both guitars can be extremely hard or easy, depending on how hard you push.

You don’t have to become a professional or good player to succeed in rock. With this, it is easier to learn some chords and begin writing songs. Physically, I see that most newbies prefer electric guitar since the bass is bigger with thicker strings. In addition, these newbies struggle to fret their notes correctly. Nevertheless, if you really want to opt for a bass guitar, give it your best shot.


I will not tell you to decide whether it’s a bass or electric guitar to start with. You should know how to tell the difference between bass and electric guitar from this article. Asides from this, you can decide on what is suitable for you. I would recommend you try both guitars before concluding on which one to use.

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