How To Record Guitar On PC?

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When I started playing guitar, I wanted to record every string I played. Well, recording my electric guitar was like an impossible tug war. When I went through the list of items I needed to buy and inside techniques I required on how to record guitar on PC, I almost gave up.

However, if you had the same issue I faced in my starting phase, I will guide you on how to record guitar on  PC without spending much more. All you need is some basic equipment and knowledge of playing the guitar excellently.

Comprehensive Guide on How to Record Guitar on PC

Nowadays, you will hear and see guitars used in several music genres worldwide. Whether it is RnB, Pop, Rock, or Hip hop, the guitar is an integral part of the music. Therefore, I feel knowing how to record using our guitar on PC is an essential skill everyone should learn. I will share everything you need to get started with your recordings.

Items required

  • PC
  • A pair of headphones
  • A DAW (digital audio workstation) to record in
  • Solid guitar
  • An audio interface
  • Stands and cables
  • Microphones
  • Guitar amplifier
  • An amp simulator

Note: I won’t recommend getting a microphone, an amp simulator, and a guitar amplifier. These are not compulsory, especially when you don’t have the funds. Besides that, there is no need to acquire these expensive gear if you don’t understand how to use them properly. It’s better to stick to a piece of cheap equipment that you understand to produce a great sound.

To start the recording, I bought a digital audio workstation. It’s software that enables me to record, edit, and mix audio. I advise you to look for a moderate DAW since the market has DAW with different strengths. However, if you will frequently record like me, I recommend you invest in a premium DAW.

How I record guitar on my Personal Computer

To record my guitar songs on a PC, I use hardware that can process my analog guitar signal into a digital signal, which can be inputted into my computer. The interface I use is a dedicated audio interface box.

Besides this, I also use a digital audio workstation, as I mentioned, which enables me to process and edit signals coming from my audio interface. Interestingly, I use the same setup for any instrument I pay because it follows the same principle.

If you don’t like complicated connections like me, you can directly connect your guitar to the computer using the guitar to USB cables. I like this method because it works for both acoustic and electric guitars. Besides this, I can also add effects if I want to get better results instead of using my computer’s generic line-in.

However, I sometimes combine several methods to get the best sound. It depends on your budget as you might require expensive items like microphones, USB interfaces, audio interfaces, etc.

Using phone vs. PC

Apart from using my PC to record, I can also use my phone. It follows the same method as recording on my PC. Notably, my PC comes with an inbuilt microphone (although not a high-quality microphone). I advise you to look for a high-quality external microphone if you want better sound.

I know you might want to know the difference between recording guitar on a PC and a phone. The main difference I see is that when you use an external microphone on your PC, it gives you a better output and more significant effect than using your phone.

Nevertheless, I would recommend you use a laptop for your recording because it offers better features. My laptop offers me mobility and convenience, especially since I travel a lot. Aside from this, I can record whatever I play and do the editing as I am in transit.


Learning how to record guitar on  PC or phone shouldn’t be a complicated process. I understand you might have financial limitations when starting. However, you can use your PC to record and edit whatever you play. Interestingly, there are several recording equipment available you can purchase.

Don’t allow it to weigh you down. When I started, everything looked like a huge mountain to climb. However, I was able to record my songs on my PC with practice. I advise you to follow the tips mentioned in this write-up to get the best out of your recording sessions.

Jim Henneberry

Jim Henneberry

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