How To Make Acoustic Guitar Sound Electric

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If you’ve ever pondered how to make acoustic guitar sound electric, you may have concluded that you need two distinct instruments, which could be expensive. Get an acoustic-electric guitar with an electric pickup, and you’ll be able to get the tone you want.

Playability and volume are both present in this instrument, a hybrid between an electric and an acoustic. It has built-in pickups that assist magnify the sound of an electric guitar, but it may also be used as a traditional acoustic. This article examines how to achieve an electric guitar sound with an acoustic guitar.

How to Make Acoustic Guitar Sound Electric

Now that we’ve reached the meat of our article, we’ll show you how to make acoustic guitar sound electric by removing the acoustic sound. It is possible, but specialized mixer software and other equipment are required to get the desired guitar tone.

Some effects can help you get rid of the soft acoustic sound and substitute it with the music produced by an electric guitar. Using various audio effects, virtual instruments, and sound loops, you can build a song that makes it appear like you’re strumming an electric guitar while you are using an acoustic guitar.

We can now alter the sound of a wide variety of instruments using effect pedals and mixer software. Creating the illusion of an electric guitar using acoustic guitars requires the appropriate technology.

Buying a Pedal

Here, we’ll go over the various effects pedals you’ll need to get the required sound effect.

  1. Multi-effects units

A multi-effects unit contains a variety of sound effects, allowing you to experiment with various electric guitar tones while still playing your acoustic guitar. As a guitarist, having either of these machines is a fantastic investment. Compared to a single-function pedal, these units have several effects, making them more flexible. They’ll almost always have considerably more impacts than you could ever require.

  1. Synth Pedals

A synth pedal is another excellent tool to have on hand. It provides numerous chances to test with a variety of background music that you can use to create the perfect tone for an electric guitar. You could emulate the tone of a different musical instrument and switch between electric and acoustic guitar by utilizing this kind of pedal.

Higher-priced pedals are so great that you’d find it difficult to differentiate one from another if you listened to a synthetic variation of it and the actual thing. To achieve an electrifying sound, you’ll need to experiment with oscillations and glissandos.

  1. Distortion Pedals

Any instrument may sound like a traditional rock guitar using a distortion pedal. Rock music is generally associated with electric guitars with a distorted, muddy sound.

Compared to electric guitars, acoustic guitars seem more natural and mellow. With these pedals, it’s possible to add some serious distortion to your guitar sound.

In this case, a fuzz pedal might be the best option. It is known to be the most powerful distortion pedal. A fuzz pedal can disguise the guitar’s acoustic sound more successfully than a different sort of pedal when used correctly.

Playing Strategies

Playing an acoustic guitar with specific approaches might make it appear as if you’re using an electric guitar, even if you are. When used on an acoustic guitar, power chords produce a more vintage and metallic rock tone than when used on a conventional guitar.

To play power chords, you’ll need a guitar with bass strings. It generates a stronger tone, similar to what you’d get if you played an electric guitar instead. You should also avoid using the usual picking techniques on acoustic guitars, as these will not produce an electric tone. As far as I know, you’re more likely to hear picking techniques on an acoustic guitar than on an electric one.

As an alternative, you may attempt to pick the notes. Pitch bends can be used to simulate the sound of an electric guitar. Once you’ve got the power chords, you can start shredding your strings like great rock guitarists.


In assisting you in learning how to make acoustic guitar sound electric, this article has provided you with the necessary knowledge.

Technology is crucial in modifying the sound and achieving the best high-quality electric sound, regardless of what kind of guitar you have. Do your homework to select the best pedals for your needs, and then work on your playing skills to sound your best.

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