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Not everyone knows how to make a guitar pick.

Although fingerpicking is great, guitar picks can also be a relevant alternative. Experienced guitarists can, however, relate to their guitar picks going missing at terrible timings.

Even though most guitarists have numerous guitar picks as they are pretty affordable, they go missing quickly. However, when they go missing, as usual, you can always make a new one if you know how to.

This article shows you the different ways to make a guitar pick and the various materials you can use.

Materials for making a guitar pick

  • Guitar pick punch
  • Credit cards or gift cards
  • Coins
  • Old business cards
  • Old CDs
  • Old SD Cards

How to make a guitar pick

It is always excellent to use a guitar pick, but sometimes there might not be anyone available. A simple way to avoid buying new ones all the time is to learn how to make a guitar pick independently.

Guitar pick punch

A guitar pick punch is an excellent material and quite helpful in making guitar picks on your own. It works just like the regular hole puncher used in schools as it allows players to create guitar picks out of items like plastic cards or expired membership by simply inserting them and applying pressure.

Some guitar pick punches even come with plastic sheets that can be used to keep creating guitar picks. The guitar pick punch is a simple way to ensure that you do not run out of guitar picks. Most guitarists love these pick punches as it is a simple way to reuse plastic materials often meant to be trashed.

Credit cards or gift cards

Gift cards can be used as guitar picks by cutting out a triangular shape with scissors to make functional and straightforward guitar picks. This is possible because they have flexibility similar to that of regular picks.

However, ensure to cut the round edges instead of the pointy ones to avoid poking your fingers. While cutting cards with numbers, try to include the numbers in the triangular shape being extracted, as they can help improve your grip on the pick.


When your guitar pick disappears mysteriously, a single coin in your pocket can serve as a great alternative. Use coins like nickels and quarters as they have a perfect fit between your fingers, and strikes with them usually come with stronger attacks. However, it would help if you don’t use coins as guitar picks too often as they tend to make your strings dull quickly.

Old business cards

Even though old business cards may seem flimsy compared to credit cards, they can still be used to make a great guitar pick. Fold the card into a triangle, and you have your homemade guitar pick.

Thick business cards make good guitar picks and are ideal for short-term strumming. To make the folded sides stay together easily, use glue on their insides.

Old CDs

The rapid advancement of technology has made CDs become a thing of the past. The good thing is that you can easily convert them to great guitar picks as they are pretty thick and flexible.

In cutting CDs, try to keep them round and avoid sharp edges to prevent poking your fingers. Ensure that the cutting is done away from your face to protect your eyes and prevent accidents.

Old SD cards

Another excellent material that can make a guitar pick is an old SD card. The hard and flat surface of this item makes it ideal for a homemade guitar pick.

Additionally, SD cards are made of plastic, just like regular guitar picks, making them ideal alternatives. So if you lose your guitar pick just before you need to play, you can trust an old SD card to be a good guitar pick and be great for strumming.


Playing with a regular guitar pick can be exciting, but some objects also serve as good alternatives. So the next time you lose a regular guitar pick, you won’t bother so much as you already know how to make a guitar pick.

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