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Do you know how to hold a bass guitar? Are you a newbie trying to know the best way to hold your guitar? I know there are several ways to hold a bass guitar, but doing it the right way is more important. When I started playing guitar, I also had the same difficulty with positioning the instrument.

I will share the three best methods I usually use when holding my guitar to make it easier for you. In this post, I will share how to hold a bass guitar by strapping it to your body, sitting down, and standing. These three methods are the only method I normally recommend to my friends and beginners. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Strapping the bass guitar

I know many people will strap their bass guitar standing. Well, that is not the best way. I prefer you sit down to strap the bass guitar for the first time. Interestingly adjusting the strap is easier when sitting down. Typically, the bass guitar strings cross between your belly button and beltline at a slight angle upwards.

It doesn’t matter if you are standing or sitting; the strapping method works best. Remember, the strings of your guitar should face outside. I love to liken the strapping method to a natural way of walking or riding a bike. However, when starting, I advise you follow the right steps. Well, I got you covered as I will share the steps to position your body rightly. When positioning your body and your right hand becomes uncomfortable, you can lower the bass guitar.

Steps on how to hold a bass guitar through the strapping method

  • I fasten the thick end of the guitar strap to the metal knob on my body at the bass neck end.
  • I then fasten the thin end of my strap to the strap pin bottom of my bass guitar.
  • I take the next step is to hold the bass solidly by the neck or body using my left hand. I then pull the strap through my head towards my right shoulder. I ensure the guitar rests on my left shoulder until it connects with the guitar bottom strap pin.
  • I need to make sure it is well fastened to my body. To do this, I adjust the strap length pending when the strings lie between my belt buckle and belly button. From here, I can fine-tune the guitar.

Holding the guitar in a standing position

If you don’t like how to hold a bass guitar using the strapping method, I would recommend you take the standing position. It is an excellent way to play if you can withstand standing for a while. This is how I hold and play my guitar using the standard position. I usually use this method if I am performing in a live show.

Steps to holding guitar standing

  • I ensure my guitar strap is securely fastened to the strap pins. In addition, the strap is not twisted but straight from each end.
  • I hang the guitar from my shoulder, ensuring it is loose. My left-hand stays under my neck without clutching it. I will inform you that some bass guitar necks are heavy, whereas some are perfectly balanced.
  • Next, I place my hands on my guitar, allowing my left hand to roam freely from the neck to the bottom. While doing this, I don’t hold the guitar.

Sitting position

Lastly, you can sit down if I don’t want to use the strapping or standing up position to hold a bass guitar. With several hours of practicing, you can feel stress hitting your leg. The only option is to sit down. I ensure I use a tall chair or stool without armrests to sit down. This way, I position the guitar bass similarly to when I was standing. Furthermore, I keep my thigh to be parallel to the floor.

Once I sit down, I strap the guitar. When doing this, you might feel a slight slack in the strap once the bass guitar touches your thighs. However, don’t fret because it will still hold. Next, I take my left hand to roam through my neck, balancing the guitar.

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Jim Henneberry

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