How To Hang A Guitar On The Wall?

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I remembered when I had my first guitar and how I wanted to sleep with it every day. However, it wasn’t the best idea as I had to learn how to hang a guitar on the wall instead of keeping it beside the sofa or bed. Well, hanging a guitar on the wall is a perfect way to showcase what masterpiece you have. Besides this, I discover it is better than using my old-fashioned guitar stand.

If you are a beginner or professional but find yourself having issues hanging your guitar on the wall, I will help you with how you can hang a guitar on the wall. Interestingly, this step-by-step guide will enable you to hang your guitar without any issues. It will be the safest method possible as I have hung mine for a long time without any issue.

Step-by-step guide on how to hang a guitar on the wall

In this guide, you will need certain items. I recommend you get these items before embarking on this project. Here is a list of what I used when I wanted to hang my guitar on the wall.

Items required

  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Wall hanger
  • Tape measure
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer drill
  • Spirit level
  • Mounting screws and plugs

If you have these items ready, it is time for me to unveil the process of hanging your guitar on the wall without any stress.

Step one – Getting the tools for the job

I hope you won’t try to cut corners to buy a cheap hanger for this project. While you might have limited funds, it is better to buy a quality hanger. Look for a reputable manufacturer that sells quality hangers. I am not going to recommend any product for you. You can do your research online. Remember, the quality of the hanger you purchase will determine how long your guitar will last on the wall. Therefore, choose wisely.

Step Two – Choosing the best wall for the guitar

Yes, I understand you want to learn how to hang a guitar on the wall, but that doesn’t mean any wall will do the job. It’s an essential part of the process besides the hanger. I made the mistake of using a weak wall in my first guitar, which was how it got destroyed. So, look for a solid wall.

I understand you might not find a solid wall at times in your home; there is a way out. I am aware you can drill directly into wooden walls. However, you would need a wall scanner to find the best position to avoid any wiring or pipework around the spot you are drilling.

Step three – Getting Ready for the project

Like I always advise people who want to know how to hang a guitar on the wall, you have to prepare yourself for this mini-project. Prepare yourself where you want to place the hang and ensure every instrument is available. In addition, you might need assistance from someone to help you out.

Take your guitar, placing the face downward. Take the hanger and hook it to where you want to place it. While holding the hanger, measure the distance from the mounting block top to the guitar bottom. Take the pencil to mark the top and bottom of the guitar. Remember, the area shouldn’t have any wiring or pipework.

Step Four – Bringing out your tools

This is the part I love so much. When doing mine, I used a hammer drill because I was drilling into masonry. After drilling, you can mount the hanger. Some hangers come with plugs and screws that will enable you to mount them on a solid wall.

After ensuring there was no wiring or pipework around the area, I placed the hanger on the wall while using the spirit level against the block. I did this to ensure it is level on both sides. The next thing I did was drill a bit to correspond with the plug width.

There is no need to drill deep. Immediately after I finish the drilling, I use the hammer to tap the plugs gently. If you struggle while gently tapping the plugs using the hammer, I think you need to re-drill your hole a little larger.

Step Five – Fixing the hanger

With everything I planned going smoothly, the next thing is to place the hangers and screw them carefully. I ensure the screws go directly to the hanger and into the end of the plugs. I then tighten the screws pending when the hanger block is tight on the wall. With this, my guitar is well hung on the wall.


Learning how to hang a guitar on the wall isn’t a complicated process. In this write-up, I have shown you how I could do it. With the items mentioned in this article, you can easily hang your guitar instead of hiring someone to charge you some money.

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