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My guitar skill is not getting better, and I feel like I am not good at playing. I remember how it felt when I learned how to play guitar. I tried everything possible on how to get better at guitar but to no avail.

Honestly, I wanted to play sounds without making any mistakes. I pushed myself in a quest to be the best possible. Regrettably, I noticed those within my class having the same issue. It is frustrating to give yourself to something but not get the output you wanted.

“My guitar playing is not improving, and I’m definitely not ready to start playing out,”  I recall very well what it was like when I first joined a band. I tried everything I could to learn guitar as fast as possible.

After several tries and errors, I was able to get better with my guitar playing skill. While it took a massive toll on me, I was happy I achieved what I wanted. If you are new to guitar and thinking about how to get better at guitar, you have everything you need in this write-up. I will help you cross the hurdles that were a stumbling block in my quest to learn how to get better.

If you are ready, let me give you insight into getting better with this newfound passion.

How to get better at guitar

I know you want to know the best way to get better. It’s not time to beat around the bush. Here are a few things I did differently that helped me get better in my guitar skill.

Learning how to bend

Have you listened to when someone bends a guitar string? Peradventure, you want to get a whole step bend, are you doing it the right way? You need to sit and practice consistently. Practice quarter, whole and a half, whole, and other bends if you want to improve your skill.

I could do this very easily by playing my starting note before playing the target note. In addition, I went back to the starting note before trying to bend it to meet the target note. I am not saying you will get it perfectly in your first few tries; you can continue until you are close to it. There is no better way to improve yourself than practicing this every day.

Start recording yourself

I recall the first time I heard my voice in a voice recorder. If I were recorded while sleeping, I would argue that whoever recorded it that it wasn’t me. Another way to learn how to get better at guitar is to record yourself as you play. I observed that when I started recording, I became serious about playing the right way and trying my best to play the best.

Practice a technique daily

One reason I found myself moving a step forward and two-step backward during the starting days was that I was practicing several techniques the same daily. I wanted to learn everything possible each day.

However, after I released it wasn’t doing me any good; I decided to try learning a technique each session. Whether it is fingerpicking, economy picking, or sweep picking, it is essential to practice each technique on a different day.

Just like a professional athlete won’t cram weightlifting or running into a day in a week, the same applies to guitar. Practicing every day is where the main growth comes. It’s not about trying to learn everything quickly. At times, speed is not essential, but the drive to get better at what you do.

Plan whatever you will practice

I must bring up this issue because many novices make this mistake. They want to be a jack of all trades but master of none. During the early stage, I never had a routine or schedule of what to do. I always did what I felt was right during that time. You need to know what you will practice as you risk.


How to get better at guitar? The answer requires the following simple steps. Besides doing the things I mentioned in this article, you can invest in a good guitar as that can help you improve better. You don’t have to go through a circle as I did when learning guitar. You have everything you need to get better at guitar and become a professional in no time.

Jim Henneberry

Jim Henneberry

I love playing my guitar, and my kids got hooked along with me.
This is a family thing now - why don't you join the family fun? :)