How To Decorate A Guitar

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If your guitar is looking ordinary and metallic, you definitely need to touch it up.  Your guitar needs a makeover once in a while. And you do not need to buy a new customized guitar; these steps on how to decorate a guitar are cheap and easy DIYs.

Why should I decorate my guitar:

The reason why Mommy never seems to take her eyes off her newly done nails is that we are naturally attracted to what is designed beautifully. A decorated guitar is always a center of attraction.

Also, a beautiful guitar will excite you to play. And the more you play, the better you get.

Besides, it is a fun way to get creative and artistic with your instrument.

How to decorate a guitar

Never Wrong with Stickers

Stickers are one of the easiest and most exciting ways to decorate a guitar. And they can go on the top, fretboard, and headstock. You can never go wrong with stickers of your favorite places in the world or cartoon characters.

Other sticker ideas include:

  • Your favorite movie stars
  • Emojis
  • Letters of a name
  • A sticker of your favorite animal/pet

You can brainstorm more interesting sticker concepts to use.

Colorful Strings

Colorful strings give a whole new vibe to your guitar. And they are cheap options. Although you can mix many colors, you should try using six different tones of the same color. For example, six shades of blue is a great choice. Also, you can go use rainbow colors. Notwithstanding, colored strings will look fabulous when you strum.

Paint the Top

Although painting your guitar is a longer process, it pays off! You can opt for a simple full-body paint or a picture concept for your guitar. If you cannot do it yourself, get an older person to help out. Meanwhile, you can always employ an artist to do it for you.


While painting is a total makeover, it can also affect the sound of your guitar. So ensure you can paint on your instrument without qualms. Although there are many paint options you can choose from, there are “guitar paints” that are durable and have no impact on the sound. Otherwise, you can choose from the others. While acrylic paint is a viable option, lacquer paint brings the best outcome.

Draw on it

Drawing on your guitar gives it a sentimental value. So you can beautify your guitar by drawing objects or figures. You can use stencils to draw out patterns or employ an artist.

Furthermore, you can draw flowers, birds, trees, or images of your favorite things in different colors. And Sharpies are great for colorful art.

Strap it up

Get a fashionable strap that matches your taste. You could get them in different colors like blue, gray, and green, and in various designs: embroidered, stoned, customized, e.t.c.

For example, a nice guitar strap for a girl will be shiny purple leather with star shapes. And don’t forget to put the length, width, and comfort into consideration.

Replace the Pickguard

A new pickguard design can spice up your guitar’s look. However, it requires a careful process, so have an adult do it for you. Try using a patterned pickguard design or color that stands out well on your guitar.

Upgrade your tuning pegs

Tuning pegs come in different shapes: hearts, crowns, circles, e.t.c. While making an attractive choice of pegs, make sure to get original pegs for this; your tuning pegs are an essential part of your guitar.

Spruce up the case

Make your guitar case fancy with stickers, paintings, embroidery, and embellishments. Even better, get a new case with a different color or customized design.

Girls only tip

Girl! What’s a decoration without our glitter? Since it can be applied on the top and on the guitar case as a design, glitter is a go-to decoration. Moreover, they are cheap and easy to use. And we can make any design we want!

New look

How do you like your guitar now?

In summary, you can combine two or more methods to make a total makeover! And you can create your own techniques on how to decorate a guitar or check out more ways to customize your guitar. But you must remember to keep it simple! As much as you would like to go all out, you do not want your guitar decorations going over the top.

And do not forget to make sure that the decoration would not affect the sound of your guitar. After all, what’s a beautiful guitar if it doesn’t sound right?

Jim Henneberry

Jim Henneberry

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