How Much Does A Guitar Setup Cost?

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The cost of perfection and precision


Hey future professional guitarists! We’re back with an interesting and important article that will aim to answer the question; how much does a guitar setup cost?

What is a guitar setup?

Before we move onto anything else, let’s understand what a guitar setup actually is. A common mistake newbies make when they hear the words guitar setup is that they think it’s the gear required to play the guitar, like the cables, amplifier, etc. Don’t worry, I made the same mistake!

A guitar setup is actually the adjustments you make to your guitar to keep it in tip top shape for playing. It’s sort of like the basic maintenance of your guitar which will keep it sounding and feeling like new for years to come! Some tasks usually performed in a setup include; increasing or decreasing action, adjusting the neck, changing the strings, maintaining the body’s finish, and cleaning the guitar.

Importance of setup and maintenance

With the passage of time, guitars go through changes due to playing or rough usage. Having a guitar setup done on your guitar will work towards reversing those changes to make your guitar sound brand new! A well-done guitar setup will make sure your guitar performs its best for you and irons out any niggles that may have arisen. Not only this, but a professional can also customize the guitar according to your preference and get it to sound exactly like you want it to.

How often should a guitar be setup?

As a rule of thumb, you should be giving your guitar a complete setup every two years to ensure peak performance and longevity. Going too long without a proper setup might increase any issues that the guitar may already have, which can harm your progress, leading to frustration.


How much does a guitar setup cost?

So guitar setups are important, but how much does a guitar setup cost? Let’s find out!


We recommend getting your acoustic guitar setup right when you get it from the shop to make sure you get to play a fine instrument on your first try. For acoustic guitars, some important parameters for a setup include’ adjusting the truss rod, adjusting the nut, correcting the neck angle, adjusting the saddle and changing the strings. For additional care, the setup may include a wax or oil treatment for the fretboard. An acoustic guitar setup can cost anywhere between $50 to $100, depending on the age of your guitar, the number of strings and the amount of work required on it.


As with acoustic guitars, electric guitars also require truss rod adjustments, a change of strings, nut and bridge adjustments, and the like. However, with electric guitars, they also need to check and fix the electronics to make sure everything’s playing smoothly. Electric guitar setups can be a little more expensive and can range between $50 to $200 for a professional setup.

When should you get a professional guitar setup?

While the two times per year frequency is the ideal amount of times you should get a guitar setup, there are a few more instances where you may need one. The first and obvious is if you feel any sudden change in how your guitar plays or if it just can’t stay in tune. A glaring issue is if the pitch of the sound coming from the 12th fret of its strings differs from the strings played open. Get a setup if your action is too high, causing difficulties while playing. If you have an electric guitar and experience significant fret buzz while playing the higher (lower on the fretboard) notes, it’s time to get your guitar setup.


In conclusion, guitar setups are crucial to maintaining your guitar and keeping it in top condition for a long period of time. Going for a professional setup will give you peace of mind that your guitar is in good hands and it’ll be set up perfectly! Both acoustic and electric guitar setups start from around $50, with acoustic ones going up to $100 and electric ones till $200. We hope this article answered the question; how much does a guitar setup cost!

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