How Long Do Electric Guitar Frets Last?

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I know that you have to take care of your guitar regularly. Imagine waking up every day without brushing your teeth and taking your bath daily. You would feel unease, and people around you won’t feel comfortable staying around you. Yes, I used that example for you to understand how important it is to keep your guitar clean. However, one area that people neglect is their guitar frets. Interestingly, how long do electric guitar frets last depends on how you maintain them.

Do you know that your guitar frets need to restring after using them for a while? You need to adjust the action, clean the fretboard, etc. If you are an amateur, I can understand why you are concerned with the question about how long frets last.

I have decided to make this article straightforward by using a frequently asked question format to explain everything you need to know about the lifespan of a fret. If you are ready, let’s get things started.

How long do electric guitar frets last?

Generally, guitar frets can last for many years. Alternatively, if you frequently play like me, you can use them for at least 2 years. In most cases, the biggest factor that might affect how long your guitar frets last include the style, duration of play, and the quality of the fret. With minimal maintenance and under heavy playing situations, your guitar frets can last over a year.

In addition, if you don’t bend beyond the normal bending, you should see your fret last a little longer. Overall, I think that maintenance plays a critical role in how long your electric guitar frets last.

Can electric guitar frets get worn out?

Yes, it can get worn out, so you either repair it or replace the fret. My first guitar got worn because I didn’t understand that I would maintain it over time. Although it lasted for a while, I had to change it because I wasn’t getting the sound I wanted.

However, my third guitar was quite different as I played it for over 20 hours per week. It was more than an average guitar playtime. In addition, it required a replacement, which was overdue since I never had the frets dressed or maintained. Although dressing the frets can prolong their lifespan, I still had to replace them after some time.

How frequently must I replace my guitar frets?

Assuming the treatment can’t remove dents or it doesn’t have adequate material on the fret, you need to replace the fret. Nowadays, you can find frets notwithstanding your budget. I know that my electric guitar frets require replacement because of the bad buzzing sound I get from the frets. It is a sign showing irregularities with the frets. In this case, a fret is lower than the other one.

Can I maintain my electric guitar frets?

I have maintained my frets several times, especially when I observe visible dents or buzzing on my frets. Most times, I look for ways to get my frets dressed. For me, I usually check my frets when changing strings. During this period, I noticed any changes to my guitar frets and adjusted them as required. Maintaining your frets can increase their lifespan by 40%.

What can cause my guitar fret to wear?

Your guitar fret tends to wear because of the metal-to-metal connection between your guitar strings and fret. It is something that is normal, and you should expect it. What I like about this is that you can maintain it to avoid it wearing quickly.

Besides this, playing styles and movement patterns can make a guitar fret to wear quickly. In addition, avoid frequently bending as it contributes to your fret wearing out. I ensure I don’t bend much when playing to prolong my guitar.


I know a guitar is an excellent possession that you need to care about. How long do electric guitar frets last depends on several factors. While you can prolong the fret lifespan, certain elements are uncontrollable and can affect your guitar fret.

I recommend you perform frequent guitar fret maintenance, especially after playing for a more extended period. Investing in a good fret is very important if you don’t want to continue replacing your fret frequently

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