How Hard Is It To Learn Guitar?

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Many people who want to learn the guitar usually ask, “how hard is it to learn guitar?” However, I need to clear the air that while this question may seem easy to answer, it is not as easy as thought.

We can answer this question based on different considerations, ranging from the learner to other factors. Hence, let us proceed to answer the query.

How hard is it to learn guitar?

The degree of difficulty in learning a guitar differs between people. It can be more exacting for some, and for others, less.

Explained below are some characteristics that define how challenging it can be to know how to play the stringed instrument as a person.

Your motives

Motives matter a lot in any learning process. First, ask yourself what you would like to achieve from being a guitarist. Do I plan to play like a professional or do it for fun?

It is not strange that the better one intends to be, the more complex the process is. Although the education time frame is not specific, we all need to prepare ourselves for our guitar-learning journeys before we begin.

The learning resources

What is your mode of learning? Do you intend to learn with mentorship or follow some random recorded classes online?

The answers to this question are huge determinants of the difficulty level of the training process. While there are several study materials in almost every place, not all of them can offer equal value.

Learning from the right coaches, websites, or sources can significantly impact the learning difficulty of a guitar. Additionally, they can be useful sources of encouragement and inspiration, creating an exciting learning journey.

It is not advised to randomly scramble for lessons on video content platforms like YouTube because they may eventually get you confused. Also, practicing from the wrong sources can make you have a bad and unacceptable play system.

How often we practice

Practice cannot be overemphasized. The level of one’s training greatly determines how straightforward it will be to learn the stringed instrument. Thus, we can see that it is not difficult to understand how to pick or strum the guitar. Instead, the difficulty level relies on us as learners.

Sincerely, the process can be pretty tedious at first; however, as you continue practicing, it becomes less complicated.

One fun fact is that the guitar is somewhat easier to comprehend and practice compared to the trumpet and the piano. The explanation is that the piano and trumpet require sound theoretical knowledge before being effectively played, unlike the guitar, which requires little prior theoretical background.

Your learning structure

It is not all about rehearsing all the time. Playing the guitar effectively is about practicing strategically and with a defined structure. This is why we advise not to follow random classes on the internet.

Your learning process needs to be ordered so you can monitor your progress and feel motivated to go on. This way, you can make more headway within shorter durations.

Your inborn music skill

It is important to note that people differ in their adaptations to different activities as some individuals are wired to play and adapt to music easily, compared to others.

For example, there are individuals who naturally have sensitive music ears, such that they can play a song smoothly after hearing it at first. While some quickly pick up, others might get better by being slow and consistent.

No matter how complicated it may seem for you, do not overwork yourself by asking, “how hard is it to learn guitar?” You also do not have to feel less of yourself or stop learning. Remember that you can be the best guitar player with consistency.


The question of “how hard is it to learn guitar” is intricate and can be quickly answered with the above-listed factors.

While it is effortless for some, it is rather difficult for others. We all need to be ready to learn at all costs and from the right resources too, while keeping our motives right. You may not find it easy at first; however, you will adjust to its techniques and improve with time and constant practice.

Jim Henneberry

Jim Henneberry

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