5 Best Mini Acoustic Guitars for Kids (That Look as Good as They Sound)

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I have a niece who is passionate about music. It was her birthday a few weeks ago, and I had no idea what I would get her as a gift. Some of us are not as good when it comes to gifting, and this was a tough decision for me to make.

As I was brainstorming, an acoustic guitar came to my mind. Learning an instrument would be a definite addition to her musical journey. I can say that I am well equipped with information about musical instruments, and picking the best guitar was not a problem. 

It is not as easy for some of us, but reading this will lead to the best decision on which acoustic guitar to purchase.

Quick Glance: Best Mini Acoustic Guitar for Kids

Best overall Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar
Best quality CNBLUE Classic Mini Acoustic Guitar
Best for learners Donner Kids Mini Acoustic Guitar
Best package Moukey 30-Inch Mini Acoustic Guitar 
Best for pro kids CNBLUE Acoustic Mini Guitar 

1. Best Overall: Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar

This is the ideal guitar for a beginner. Kids above three years old can use this guitar. It doesn’t require assembly as it comes fully assembled and ready to play. 

The top, body, and back material is basswood. The neck and fretboard are made from maple. The strings are made from nylon, and it is right-hand oriented with an adjustable bridge system. 

It includes flashcards that have chord diagrams. This makes it appropriate for beginners. You will acquire full access to the Loog application, which is available on iOS and Android. 

The app is a game with little monsters that help the player form chords that unlock songs. This makes playing the guitar rewarding and motivating to keep playing and learning. 

If your child is color sensitive, you will have a variety of colors to pick from. It weighs only 2.2 pounds and measures 22.2 by 6.9 by 2.3 inches. 

2. Best quality: CNBLUE Classic Mini Acoustic Guitar

A durable guitar will save you a lot of repairs and replacement money. Getting your kid a Cnblue acoustic guitar means you’ll have a guitar that is made from the best material and of high quality too. 

The body and back are made from basswood. The top, neck, and fretboard are made from maple. The strings are made of nylon that doesn’t hurt fingers when playing.

The basswood is laminated and produces an actual rich, full, and highly vibrant sound. Kids will enjoy the size of this guitar. The strings and wood need some time to adapt to the tension for a new guitar. The more frequently you tune, the more the velocity balances, and the tune stabilizes. 

The guitar is suitable for rock, folk songs, and more. It has six chrome knobs that keep it beautiful. The position of the knob through its fastening and stretching keeps the strings at a proper tension. On top of that, it balances reinforcement to the guitar’s physical structure. 

3. Best for Learners: Donner Kids Mini Acoustic Guitar

Most children are beginners in this industry. So it goes without saying that you need this guitar. Your child will be able to learn fundamental guitar skills. It retains three strings of the guitar. It has a few notes which are easier to remember. The guitar is convenient to carry. 

Donner Tri-pop guitar is educational and introduces children to the music world. It has 24 chord cards, a tutorial book, and free lessons in the Donner Music app. The guitar meets ASTM and CPSIA standards, making it safe for children’s use.

The top, body, back, and neck are made from basswood. The fretboard is, however, from technology wood.

The three strings are nylon, reducing the chances of causing pain in your child’s little fingers. To add to that, the strings provide a clear, crisp sound. The guitar is available in blue, green, and red colors. It measures 21.2 by 7.5 by 1.9 inches and weighs 2.59 pounds. 

4. Best Package: Moukey 30-Inch Mini Acoustic Guitar 

You might wonder why having the best package matters. A good package comes with everything you need. You will not have to purchase things for the guitar since you will have them on purchase. The package includes the guitar, a padded gig bag, a chord poster, a strap, picks, a polishing cloth, and strings. 

The six strings are made from nylon, making them soft; they don’t hurt fingers when playing. Its dreadnought body gives a full and vibrant tone, suited for all music styles. The chord poster shows the chords used the most, making it easier for learners to memorize the fretboard. 

The top and back of this guitar are made from basswood. The neck is from Okoume wood. The fretboard material is ABS. It is suitable for right-handed children since this is how it is oriented. These good quality materials make it playable for a long time. 

It weighs 3.99 pounds, and its dimensions are 10.8 by 2.6 by 30.7 inches. It is available in pink and black colors. 

5. Best for Pro Kids: CNBLUE Acoustic Mini Guitar

Some kids already have acoustic guitar skills. For this group, learning is essential but not as much as beginners. 

The guitar has six strings that are made from steel. It is only 30 inches, making it appropriate for children and adults who prefer small guitars. The top, back, and neck materials are basswood, and the fretboard is made from technical wood with 18 frets.

Adjusting with the chrome geared tuning head is easy and keeps the guitar tuned. The tuning pegs are smooth, helping people learn and train independently. 

The dimensions of the guitar are 32 by 13 by 4 inches, and it weighs 3.34 pounds. 

Final Word

Considering the above factors, you can get your young one the perfect acoustic guitar. These guitars take some time for the string and wood to adapt to the pulling. Tuning severally will balance it. 

Jim Henneberry

Jim Henneberry

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