5 Best Guitar Books for Kids (To Perfect Their Strumming Skills)

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When purchasing a guitar for your kids, it’s wise to purchase a guitar book. The kid isn’t sure of where to start, and the book will help immensely.

Even when you are the guitar teacher, you require some guidance to take them through each step without rushing or stressing them.

Most guitar books introduce the lessons with familiar songs to the kids making the lessons enjoyable.

The learning experience becomes more straightforward, and you can use the book to tell the progress in learning. Some books have audios and videos that make work easier.

Here are some books you ought to consider when purchasing a guitar book for your kid.

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Quick Glance: Best Guitar Book for Kids


Best overall Alfred kids’ Guitar Course Book and Online Audio
Best for 5-10 kids Beginner Guitar Lessons for Kids
Best engaging Guitar Book for Kids 5 and up- Beginner Lesson
Best with bonus songs Easy Guitar: Guitar Method for Kids
Best without follow sheets My First Guitar: Learn to Play

1. Best Overall: Alfred Kids’ Guitar Course Book and Online Audio

You will love Alfred’s course on guitar classes and how it uses a fun way to introduce the whole course to the kids right away.

The book uses plain language that the kid understands without thinking deeply, not forgetting the colorful pages appealing to the kids.

They use the three-guitar experts: the clever classical dog, a friendly alligator, and the one cool jazz cat who draws your kid closer to each page to learn every bit of the music.

The influential guide enables parents who haven’t had any experience in music before to take the kids through the course.

When taking this first course, your kid might find reading boring sometimes; don’t worry, the audio is also available to help break the monotony.

2. Best for 5-10 Kids: Beginner Guitar Lessons for Kids

Every beginner student should consider purchasing the book by Jay Wamsted for an excellent experience.

Kids aged between 5 and 10 will find this guide easy to learn everything about the guitar classes and play songs that rekindle their moods.

It starts with G, C, G7, and D chords that are easy to capture and remember for kids with smaller hands.

The list of songs used is well selected, with their arrangements and patterns will give the kids ample time while playing the guitar reducing chances of quitting and frustration.

When the kids advance to the next section, they learn using the same songs but advance to the following chords as they expand their hands.

Other than using the notes, audios, and videos available, help the kids greatly by offering instructions they can easily follow. In the video, the songs follow the rhythms and technique standpoint.

Some songs on the list include: The Wheels on the Bus, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and He’s Got the Whole World.

3. Best Engaging: Guitar Book for Kids 5 and up- Beginner Lesson

If you are looking for a guitar book that will reveal your kid’s love for music, you are in the right place. Every kid aged five years and above will find fun using this book.

Guitar students will enjoy learning using this easy-to-follow methodology accompanied by fun, interactive classes.

The best part is you don’t require music reading to learn using this book; you will learn every bit of the guitar classes through the most cherished songs.

Damon Ferrante makes it easier for kids to use this book by using jokes, exciting characters, and illustrations that keep the class engaging.

Your kid will expand their understanding of music and keep an appropriate direction and consistency through this book.

Some great songs you will find in the book are Old MacDonald, Happy Birthday, Amazing 

Grace, and Silent Night.

4. Best With Bonus Songs: Easy Guitar: Guitar Method for Kids

The easy guitar book gives beginners a fun experience with the guitar lessons, providing basic exercises, rhythms, and chords.

The 21 fun songs and nine bonus songs increase the fun in the guitar classes, and before you know it, the kid will be deep into strumming and singing.

All kids can use this book quickly, plus it covers adults who feel the need to begin their guitar lessons or teach their kids the lessons bringing all the fun along.

You begin with learning simple and easy to play children’s music, and with time you can advance to your preferred genre of songs.

The book has colorful pictures and diagrams that keep your kid engaging, not forgetting the practice tips accompanied by tons of songs.

The book provides a free Videoson from the Pierre Hache Music YouTube Channel to make the playing easier than you may think.

5. Best Without Follow Sheets: My First Guitar: Learn to Play

Ben Parker had considered all kids when writing this guitar book. It works perfectly for all beginners in guitar training.

The cover page of this book will attract the kid before opening it. The best part is it doesn’t have sheets to follow, allowing your kid to use the simple diagrams.

It has photos and instructions that are easy to follow throughout the lessons, and by following them, your kid will develop the confidence to play their first guitar.

The exercises here are easy to implement for kids learning their first chords. They practice until they become champions at their own pace.

Additionally, the songs available are fun and easy to understand, not forgetting the tunes that will make guitar playing enjoyable.

The chords are simple and use the first for strings only; it helps teach your kid basic strumming patterns, and by the time they are done with this book, they can figure out the next chords.

Final Word

With the above review, I hope you realize the importance of having a guitar guidebook for your kid. Take your kid through the notes to help them understand every step and avoid missing out on some points. 

The more familiar the kid becomes with the book, the more they have expertise in playing the guitar, and before you know it, they can do this as a profession. All the best in choosing the ideal book for your kids.

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